Voices by Light: Teaching in Cornwall

Currently, we are in the process of raising funds towards (and collecting donations of) cameras which will be used to teach photography to children from underprivileged backgrounds in Cornwall.

Statistically, Cornwall is one of the poorest areas of Europe. During the next couple of months, we'll work on a project in a youth centre in Cornwall, in which we’ll teach kids from difficult backgrounds photography to give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively. For our first project, in the coming month, we will be volunteering with a youth group in Cornwall. Cornwall is one of the poorest regions of England and is the second poorest region of Northern Europe. 'Over a quarter of children lived in poverty in Cornwall in 2016' - Cornwall Live

We plan to bring DSLRs, digital point and shoots and disposable cameras. Specifically for this project, we need to raise funds so that each student we teach in Cornwall can receive a disposable camera, which cost's £12.99 each, so they are able to explore photography in their own time. Furthermore, we hope to fund an extra £50-100 to cover printing costs so that we can host a mini-exhibition of the student's work helping to boost their self-esteem and allow friends and family to celebrate the children's creativity together.

If you are able to donate anything towards giving these less privileged students an opportunity to express themselves, no matter how small, it will be massively appreciated!

After this project we will update the website with galleries and further blog posts, so make sure to check back with us in a few months to see how your donations have helped.

If you would like to donate to this project please visit our gofundme page bellow.

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