Seven Days Seven Voices - The Return of The Rhino, Neil Aldridge

Each of Neil’s projects are centred around an effort to evoke positive change. This use of photojournalism to not only document an issue but look forwards in search of positive progress is when photography becomes greater than just aesthetic, it’s when storytelling becomes change. Neil is a wildlife photographer and works on relevant conservation issues from documenting Britains relationship with foxes to the fight to save Africa's black and white rhinos.

This project, the return of the rhino, is one that won Neil ‘World Press and Picture of the Year’ awards and is a project that highlights a desperate issue that we have very little time to act upon. From speaking to Neil you can tell that his passion for the stories he covers and his empathy towards the struggles of both animals and people within his work are what really drive him to create such emotive, varied and inspiring work. As with most of these projects, while Neil’s photography is incredible, it’s his dedication and storytelling ability that culminate to produce such moving work.

In a time when protecting the natural world is at its most essential and when saving our environment is synonymous with saving ourselves, Neil’s photography, and similar work, opens a window into a world which we all need to fight to save.

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