Seven Days Seven Voices - From Labyrinth, Farshid Tighehsaz

Unlike most documentary photographers Farshid Tighehsaz creates often bizarre, unique and visually eclectic images which feel more like fragments of almost forgotten dreams or the momentary recollection of long lost memories. As a result of these ghostly photographs, images almost celestial in nature, the viewer feels intertwined within the project, as if you were lost in a world of living human artwork and it’s this innate connection which evokes the feeling that you are almost part of Farshid’s world.

The project deals with an abundance, but not an excess, of political issues, intense emotional hardship, vivid nostalgia, the intrinsic fear of youth and the trauma and tragedy of war yet somehow Farshid is able to pull all of these pieces together, creating a project that evokes feeling with each image and together stands as a documentation of a generation’s struggle with the war their families and their country has endured.

The project consists of a potent culmination of fear, war and depression used to create feelings rather than images, to create photographs which may inspire different feelings in different individuals and as a result, it is hard to say any more than the project is about life.

The captions for each image not only describe the photograph’s but are also, in many cases, so poetic and philosophical that they compliment Farshid’s work in building a world of feelings through imagery.

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