Organisations and charities that have helped and inspired Voices By Light

Since beginning Voices By Light earlier this year we’ve seen so much generosity and kindness in people from all walks of life who have helped us get our charity up and running. I would like to use this blog post to thank just a few of the selfless people who have helped so far...

DNB Photo Video

DNB Photo Video are a camera company started by Dan and Nick Brooks, they got in contact with us via email after hearing about our charity and we met up for a chat in Falmouth as they were back for a visit on business. This was one of the most generous donations as they gave us a new Nikon DSLR worth around £250-£300 plus a new Nikon lens and some SD cards to take with us to Africa and Asia later this year. Their friend Juliano who also runs a small camera business gave us another £250-£300 new Nikon DSLR (again to take with us to Africa and Asia later this year). We have since been in contact and DNB have offered us more cameras to take with us to teach kids around the world, DNB also provided the inspiration for this blog post thanks to their extremely generous donations. 

We’ve added DNB’s logo to our website as a sponsor, you can view their online shop by clicking on the logo found in the footer. 

People and Gardens 

People and Gardens are a small charity in St Austell which I worked with in creating a short five-minute video for them (used on their social media pages) documenting the great work they do and some inspiring stories that they told me. People and Gardens help people who struggle to fit into society through gardening, they are partners with the Eden Project and help prepare a lot of the plants for them etc. Over the several days, I spent with them I got to know them a little and told the founder of the charity, Ken, about how we had been working on setting up our own small charity and how, next year, we were planning to travel to third world countries to teach photography to kids who otherwise would never have the chance. I’ve been in contact with Ken since then and he has given me a lot of advice on how to set up and maintain a small charity and I know whichever road Voices By Light takes it will benefit greatly from the advice Ken has given us. Despite being over 60 Ken has recently travelled to South Africa to begin a similar charity to People and Gardens helping underprivileged people in townships through gardening, as a result, he provides great inspiration to me on how to live my life and how our lives are defined by what we give, not what we take. He’s also helped get the word out about our charity and shared our information with many of his contacts, one of which donated a point and shoot and I’m sure many of the others will be helpful contacts in the years to come. 

The video I created for People and Gardens:

People and Gardens:


Zebs youth centre in Truro were a great small organisation to hold a workshop with, they have a very laid back atmosphere and all of the kids we worked with were very engaged and interested in learning photography. James Bebb who is a youth worker at Zebs kept in contact with us throughout, he also mentioned that it would be great if we could work together with Zebs again in the future, potentially helping young offenders through photography. 

View some of the images taken during the workshop here:

Wild Shots Outreach 

Wild Shots Outreach are a charity in South Africa which we first came across after speaking with Neil Aldridge (world press photo competition winner). We spoke about how we had been planning on starting a charity teaching kids in third world countries photography, Neil mentioned that he had a mate who ran a similar charity in South Africa called Wild Shots Outreach which allows children from schools in poorer areas of South Africa to come on safari trips and take wildlife images of animals in order to promote a greater understanding and love for the natural world. Neil gave us the email of Mike Kendrick (who founded Wild Shots Outreach) and suggested we got in touch. After beginning to set up our charity we got into contact with Mike to ask the plethora of questions we had been considering while setting up Voices By Light. Mike was kind enough to take the time out of his day to answer all of our questions and give us a few more great tips for teaching kids in third world countries photography, how to run and set up a charity and how to raise donations of cameras.

Neil’s website:

Wild Shots Outreach:

Care For Calais 

Me and Anya both spent two weeks volunteering with Care For Calais in the last six months, Care For Calais are a charity that relies on volunteers to help provide clothes, tents, supplies and food for refugees who are waiting for an opportunity to reach the UK and find a better life for themselves and their families. Care For Calais provided great inspiration to us while volunteering with them, it helped reiterate in my mind what matters to me and helped inspire us to work on setting up our own small project and our own small charity. We plan on returning as soon as we can during this summer and will continue returning for the foreseeable future. 

Care For Calais:

Here are a few more of the many organisations that inspired us, people who donated to us or gave us advice and people we’ve worked with recently. There are many more we could have listed here as well as these. 

Provided great inspiration, gave us advice and/or helped us with ideas for our own charity... 

  • Photokids

  • Lyn Weddle 

  • Amy Griffin 

People or groups in Falmouth who have helped with donations of funds for cameras and/or donated cameras... 

  •  Falmouth camera club

  •  The Photo Shop Falmouth

  •  Falmouth University Camera Stores

Press and Editorial Photography lecturers at Falmouth University 

The lecturers on the Press and Editorial Photography course at Falmouth University helped us with advice on social media, website design, finding contacts, raising awareness, collecting donations etc. Tom Ingate gave us a lot of advice, tips, contacts and brought in a book from a project by Lyn Weddle (mentioned above) which helped us develop some ideas for our future projects in third world countries. Gretchen Viehmann donated a camera and put us in contact with several people and groups such as Falmouth Camera Club etc. Dave White donated three cameras and put us in contact with people such as Falmouth Camera Club and Lottie Davies gave us advice on setting up our charity.

There are many other people we would like to thank such as our friends and families for donating some of the cameras we need to be able to teach photography to kids in third world countries who would otherwise never have the opportunity. There are also a lot of other people we are extremely grateful to but the list would be too long to add to this post, so to all those who have helped and to all those who will help in the future, thank you, you have helped us set up our small charity and soon will have helped us give children living in third world countries the opportunity to express themselves, document their own lives and tell their own stories through the art of photography. 

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