Voices by Light: Our Mission

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Voices By Light are a charity giving children living in poverty a voice through photography.

We hope that through the power of photography and storytelling, those that have been given a tough start to life not only have the opportunity to learn a valuable skill but to express themselves creatively and find their voice by light.

We at Voices by Light believe that we all have a beautiful story and that everyone should have a voice to tell that story.

Currently, we are in the process of raising funds towards (and collecting donations of) cameras which will be used during a three-month project from December 2020. In this project we will be working with schools, orphanages and children's charities across Africa and Asia, allowing children from difficult backgrounds the chance to learn photography and have their own voices heard.

After this project, we plan to leave cameras with each of the schools and return to work on a book as well as an exhibition showcasing the photographs shot by the children before making our next trip. After several trips, we plan on setting up a permanent centre creating a safe place for children who have had a tough start to life. We believe that every child has a voice that deserves to be heard and a life that deserves to be lived.

To be able to teach photography to children across the world and donate cameras to schools that would never be able to offer such opportunities to their students, we need donations of cameras and lens’. These cameras will be used to teach students in the poorest areas of the UK, Africa and Asia photography and then donated to the schools, orphanages and children’s charities that we work with to allow children from difficult backgrounds the opportunity to express themselves, document their own lives and tell their own stories through the art of photography.

Get involved with the charity Voices By Light by donating cameras or simply letting us know what you think or if you have any questions. Contact us with questions or help as if we work together we can help give children living in poverty the opportunity to learn photography and express themselves.

If you would like to donate or learn more please contact us at

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