Voices by Light: Who Are We

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Voices by Light are a small charity established at the beginning of 2020 to give children living in poverty a voice through photography.

Voices by Light was started by myself, Michael Rowlings and Anya Bryan. We started Voices by Light while both in our second year studying photography at Falmouth University, Cornwall. We both understood how fortunate we had been to have the opportunities and education we'd received and as our time studying photography approached its end we wanted to give children who didn't have the opportunities we'd had the chance to learn a skill, the opportunity to express themselves through photography and a chance for their voice to be heard. As photographers we both understood how powerful photography can be as a medium to evoke change, encourage confidence and inspire personal expression, it can also be an invaluable tool in giving a voice to those who aren't often heard, because of this we wanted to give children from difficult backgrounds the chance to tell their story.

A lot about our goals and ambitions can be derived from our name, Voices by Light. Light being essential for photography as cameras, in essence, are simply a tool used to capture light, to freeze light for a moment and in doing so freeze time, capturing powerful moment that can evoke almost any emotion in the viewer as a result, from the calming nostalgia of childhood to the unrelenting determination for positive change. We chose to incorporate the word voices into the name as we hope that in teaching photography we give a voice to children that may otherwise never have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Together Voices by Light means giving a voice through, or by, the powerful medium of light.

Before University we both worked and travelled for a few years while doing so we experienced some of the kindest people we've ever met, most of which were living in poverty and had very little opportunity. We hope that through the work of Voices by Light children living in poverty with little opportunity for creative expression will be able to not only learn a skill but express themselves and tell the stories of their own lives. We've also both spent time volunteering at NGOs and in doing so learnt that there is an excess of global inequality and as much as those in the west wouldn't like to admit it, there is a lot each of us as individuals could do to reduce these levels of inequality. We know that wherever our work takes us we will work towards helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves.

If you would like to donate or learn more please contact us at

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